problem on obfuscated jsb_cocosbuilder.js

problem on obfuscated jsb_cocosbuilder.js
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look at the code below:

cc.BuilderReader.load = function(...){
  var documentControllerName = animationManager.getDocumentControllerName();
  if (!documentControllerName) continue;
  // Create a document controller
  var controller = new _ccbGlobalContext[documentControllerName]();

Problem is:

 documentControllerName is the name we assigned in cocosbuilder,
 "_ccbGlobalContext[documentControllerName]" became undefined after obfuscating. 

Maybe we should add any documentControllerName we wrote in cocosbuilder to obfuscate exclude file.
Is there any other way to make the work easier?


Generating bytecode will be better to protect your code source.
IMO, the obfuscate for JSB is hard to use. You could use tools/cocos2d-console to generate js bytecode.