Problem in running test in Retina resolution

Problem in running test in Retina resolution
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Seems like a bug. See attached pic. I build the test and run it in iphone emulator retina mode.

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Please check funcion " pDirector->enableRetinaDisplay(true); " be called in AppDelegate.cpp.
The function be commented as default.


Yes I did. Or else it won’t display the right texts in my uploaded pic. I don’t have a iPhone 4 so I hope it is just a problem with simulator. I tested on both newest released version and edge version. Same result.


WenSheng, I’m VERY SURE this feature has bug now. When I uncomment the pDirector->enableRetinaDisplay(true) in AppDelegate.cpp, the menu of tests is scaled and only 1/4 part is shown on Retina simualtor. You approach works ok in 0.8.1 & 0.8.2, but shows error in 0.8.3.

In the other hand, your yellow characters in retina image is too hard to read.


A issue for this bug #508.

It’ll be fixed in next version.