Problem codice xCode

Problem codice xCode
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Hello to you all, I have a problem with this code, I do not understand why I get this error after having rewritten again my app with xCode 4.2?
The file that has been encrypted with origginale xCode 4. works when recompiled with Xcode, but the new me these errors, does anyone know give me some advice?
Thank you.


Sorry, I can not open the link.
May be you can paste the error log.


thanks for the link I gave to give him a glance, the problem was solved, and I gave him two names equal to the layer objects GameOverScene .- GameOverLayer …
Now the problem is instead of this code:


if ((self = [super initWithColor: cc4b (255,255,255,255)])) {

CGSize winSize = [[CCDirector sharedDirector] winSize];
self.layer = [CCLabelTTF labelWithString: @ “” fontName: @ “Arial” fontSize: 32];
*label.color ccc3 = ;
*layer.position = ccp (winSize.width / 2, winSize.height / 2);
[self addChild: _layer];




Did you use cocos2d-iphone? This forum is for cocos2d-x, which is written in c++.