Prevent assets from reverse engineering


Hello Everyone,

I am developing a game, and game is almost ready. But I have one question.

How can I prevent android asset folder from being reverse engineered ?

I think there must be some encoding for image to convert image to .data files.

But how can I do this and made my images and assets safe ?

Help will be appreciated.



Hello drashty_cocos2dxdev.

I think you can put the files encrypted in advanced into the assets folder, and decrypt them when you read out.

You’d better write the decryption algorithm in .so file.


Yes that’s the questions.

how should I encrypt and decrypt when image is needed.

Thanks for your reply


I use Botan and it works very well.




Thanks for your replay.

But I can’t get Botan. I have searched in Google regarding Botan but not get any detail description.

Can you please provide me some link for tutorial.



Here is the link

They have many good tutorials online.




Cheers !!