Precopter - Available on iPhone

Precopter - Available on iPhone
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Hi guys,

My game made with cocos2d-x has just been published on iOS:
It has a homemade :slight_smile: trailer too:

It was a big journey. I started the project about a year ago with cocos2d-x.
Have a look and tell me what you think about it (

Cocos2d-x is really a great framework! Thanks guys!


Hi Peter,

It looks like your graphics and gameplay are pretty close to the famous UGH! game…


I loved UGH
Looks good) What kind of control does it have?


UGH was one of my favorites too :slight_smile:

In the options you can choose from 2 controls:

  • virtual buttons (up,down,left,right)
  • virtual joystick


Here you can watch a gameplay video (You can see the first level and the virtual buttons control)


New update is here :slight_smile:
Version 1.2 with Xmas icon and Facebook support.
Use it to share your score with others!


Win Precopter iphone promo code!

We have 5 promo codes. Get one of them! Be one of the 5 winners!
All you have to do:
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The end of the contest is on december 21 :wink:


Free/Lite version is available too:

If you like it please review on iTunes and again would love to hear any feedback. Thank you :slight_smile:


The list of the contest’s winners is available on facebook (


this game looks promising ! I don’t own an iphone otherwise I would definately get it. :slight_smile:


Thank you! Which platform do you have?



(Inspired by you) Android version is available now: