Power-up texture ideas

Power-up texture ideas
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Hey guys, I’m working on a collection of power-up and pick-up textures for Cocos2D, Unity, GameSalad etc at the moment.

I’ve tried to come up with as many ideas for textures as possible and have already released the first version to the general public, but I have a nagging feeling that I’ve missed a few.


So… I’d be very grateful if any of you could let me know if you think some textures are missing in the collection.
The goal is essentially to have a universal collection for a variety of game genres (racing games, platformers, physics puzzlers etc).

Here’s the link - you can see all the icons on the screenshots (Important: I don’t want to post spam, so please only click on this link if you want to help me make the collection complete):

Power-Ups & Pick-Ups collection

Thanks in advance!