Possible to convert cocos2d-x + UIKit code to android?

Possible to convert cocos2d-x + UIKit code to android?
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We are using cocos2d-x for our game development.

I find that some of common UI components such as TableView are lacking in cocos2d-x.
I am planning to add views such as tableView as a subview of gl view when needed.
(described here https://github.com/diwu/Cocos2d-X-plus-UIKit)

But I’m not sure how would I deal with the UIKit part when we convert the whole game to android.
(Essentially our cocos2d-x c++ code calls a objective-c method(wrapped in a c/c++ header) to create a UIKit view.

Our coworker is leaning towards to use not-pretty-but-works-view such as CCListView because he’s worried about the conversion process.

Is it possible to convert “c++ code calling objective-c code” such as below to android(java) platform?

//inside cocos2d-x code
//user tapped on a menu
//call glueClass::addSomeView(CCRect rect)
//in addSomeView, create a tableView and add it as subview of opengl view.