possible bug found in version 2.1.4 native (apologies if inappropriate - first post) - false alarm - apologies


Hi all,

First of all, thank you for this excellent framework, I have personally learned a lot from it…
To the point now :slight_smile: .I downloaded 2.1.4 and in the file CCDirector.cpp at line 586, the NULL assertion of the pScene should be == instead of ![](=.
I hope I make sense and my observation is correct.
If not, I would appreciate it if you could explain why it isn’t.

Thanks in advance,
Keep up the good work)!


In CCDirector::popToRootScene?

It’s asserting that it’s NOT null ;). It’s correct.


I am sorry if my text is a bit dodgy,
The line of code I am referring to is in the CCDirector::replaceScene method.

CCAssert(pScene != NULL, “the scene should not be null”);


I’m so sorry, late night brain freeze. The assertion looks correct (pScene != NULL will evaluate to false if NULL and the assertion will fail)


That’s correct too, it’s asserting that you didn’t pass in NULL and you’ve given it at least something.