Position Issue while using CCWaves in a child Sprite

Position Issue while using CCWaves in a child Sprite
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I’m trying to use the CCWaves animation in a sprite which is the child of other CCNode.
When I run the CCWaves animation, the sprite ignores some of its parent’s attributes, like position and scale.

Here is my code:
// Creating the child that will run the CCWaves Animation
CCSprite sprite = CCSprite::create;
CCActionInterval* waves = CCWaves::create, 5, 20, true, false);
// Creating the parent sprite that will have some of its attributes ignored by the child
parent = CCSprite::create(“Parent.png”);
addChild(parent, 10);
parent->addChild(sprite, 10);

In this case both position and scale of the parent will be ignored only because we use the CCWaves animation, if we remove it, everything works normally, the sprite would have its position referenced by the parent, and the scale of 3. But some of the attributes still works even with the animation, like the “visible” attribute. When I set “parent->setVisible(false)” it does make both of them invisible.

Is it a bug or there is a way to make the sprite that runs CCWaves animation to keep all of their parents attributes like a normal child?

Thanks in advance for any help.


i have the same Issue