Porting Issue

Porting Issue
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Hey Guys.

I developed a game with cocos2d-iphone version and i’m hoping to port it to android platform. I have a question here and i would be : should i use cocos2d-x or cocos2d-android ??

I have no idea what exactly these are ! because of versions of this engine are a little bit confusing me!

Thanks & Regards. :slight_smile:


cocos2d-android allows you to write the game logic in Java, while cocos2d-x requires the mostly coding works in C++.
Cocos2d-x is better proved by commercial products than cocos2d-android.


Thanks for reply.

and one more question, for porting my cocos2d-iphone game to android, you recommend using cocos2d-x or another game engine such as AndEngine or libgdx or rokon … , this kinda things ??



@cocos cocos I think the same answer applies.


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@cocos cocos
For sure, cocos2d-x is the best choice to port cocos2d-iphone games to android.
AndEngine is awesome if you are a java fan and only write games for android.
Rokon stops update for several months.
I’m not familiar with libgdx, but a talented young man, who contributed android port of libgdx, gonna to join cocos2d-x full-time team in the next month :slight_smile:


Marcio Andrey OliveiraWalzer Wang

Thanks for replies guys.