Ported example from Obj-C (cocos2d) to cocos2d-X

Ported example from Obj-C (cocos2d) to cocos2d-X
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I ported an example from the book “Learn iPhone and iPad cocos2d Game Development”.
I’m waiting for approval from the author so that I can share it with you guys.
I got it working on my Playbook.

It’s just a simple example, how to navigate between pages and create a simple menu, navigate back to the starting page etc.


wow, cool. Perhaps you’re the 1st one who running games on playbook.


What I have ported is not really a game more like navigation and menus. Stuff you would need if you would create a game.
I find it easier to work if you have lots of different examples, tutorials to look at. That is what in my opinion is missing with cocos2dX version.
But in time that will change hopefully.



I got an answer from Steffen and it’s ok for me to post my port here.
Does anyone know who to contact so that more people can have a look at this example?