PluginX Javascript bindings removed?

PluginX Javascript bindings removed?
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Hi. The PluginX javascript bindings were removed (

Are there plans to add them to Cocos2d-JS? Or is the pluginx format being removed completely?


I started to reimplement the pluginx javascript bindings by copying them from the old pluginx project and then upgrading them to the new spidermonkey format. Is this the right thing to do?

I’m guessing either the Cocos team either is removing the plugin format completely or they are planning to add pluginx into the Cocos2d-JS/frameworks/js-bindings/bindings folder. Which one is it??


Hi, @natweiss,

I will ask the Cocos2d-x team, but I think it’s the first case, so we completely removed it from the engine, the one Cocos2d-html5 still include is not update to date neither.
But if you want to update it yourself in Cocos2d-x and bind it in JSB, there surely is no problem. It’s very welcomed also if you can share your commits with other people who are looking for the same thing.



Hi, @pandamicro,

Thanks for asking the team. Please let me know if it is officially the first or second case, as it will change the direction of my project.

I will definitely share my commits!


Sharing the code:



Good news: Cocos2d-x team mate confirmed with me that plugin-x is not removed

Due to our project structure in Cocos2d-JS, Cocos2d-x is now a submodule of it, and plugin-x as a submodule of -x is not included in Cocos2d-JS. That’s the reason we have removed it in JSB.

Don’t worry, in the future version, Cocos2d-x will include plugin-x as its core, so we will rebind it then.



Should I integrate the 3.0-ready pluginx bindings into Cocos2d-JS/frameworks/js-bindings/bindings and the cocos2d_js_bindings.xcodeproj and submit a pull request?


Thanks for sharing the repo!
You don’t need to send the pull request because we still need to wait for Cocos2d-x to integrate directly plugin-x. But thanks anyway.