PLEASE: best way to start learning Cocos2dX-html5

PLEASE: best way to start learning Cocos2dX-html5
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Hello people! I’m a total new guy in the Cocos world. I know nothing. Here’s my situation:

I know coding. I code in C# with Unity 3D and I’m a web designer so I know js a little. BUT, this cocos2dx-html5 thing is giving me a headache. Why? Because it seems THERE’S OUTDATED TUTORIALS EVERYWHERE. Even the tutorials from Cocos website are outdated. The only thing I know is that I download V2.2.2 and I don’t see any Cocosdenshion, that there’s no “platform” folder.

Please people, I don’t know how to start because I don’t see a good starting people. Any help is very appreciated!



Here are some tutorials about Cocos2d-html5:

We will publish some new tutorials soon.

Thanks for attention


from a beginner’s point of view who have struggled with outdated and convoluted tutorials, best advise is to get a real quick start guide with the links mentioned by Dingping and dive straight to the API and most importantly, the source codes for everything else.

if in doubt, always just ask in the forum. If you tried your best at a problem, do not chase the rabbit. Code other functionalities and wait for a reply from the forum. The people here are really competent and helpful :slight_smile:


Hi, i’m also a beginner i do all the steps in link that given by Dingping. But it isn’t working on. I’m using v2.2.2 any suggestions please? iv’e looked over the internet about 20+ hours to find a tutorial that at least teach me the very basic. Please help.