playBackgroundMusic Loop

playBackgroundMusic Loop
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I want to play first background music and when it ends, start second music in loop.
For achieving this, I checked if background music is ended by a schedule.
The problem is if I play first music, and then replace the scene, the schedule will not fire and second music not plays.

How can i play first background music and when it ends, start second music in loop? (scene replacement may occur)


Hacking CocosDenshion add a callback when BGM ends up is much better.
If you want to keep this schedule, You can create a global CCNode, add schedule in it, DON’T add this node into any other nodes. It will work as you wish.


thanks for your amazing reply.
but i can’t make a global schedule, can you write a sample plz?


The source code below hasn’t been compiled and tested.

class MyObject : public CCObject
    void checkBGMusicPlaying(float dt)
        // blabla

        CCDirector::sharedDirector()->getSheduler()->scheduleSelector(schedule_selector(MyObject::checkBGMusicPlaying), this, 0, false);

// Use it as a global variable
MyObject g_BGMusicListener; 

We can do this because the minimal for CCScheduler is CCObject. I said CCNode in the previous post, but now I check the source code, CCObject is enough.
What you want is just a timer callback from CCScheduler.


after changing

it worked fine…