Play two audio sounds at once on Internet Explorer (music & effect)

Play two audio sounds at once on Internet Explorer (music & effect)
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I’ve upgraded to the latest 2.2.2 and I can no longer hear two sounds at once on IE10 or IE11, though it did work on earlier versions. I am trying to have background music play during the game when other sound effects can be heard. The music starts, but then pauses for any effect that plays, then when the effect audio is done, the background music starts again.

I tried updating miniFramwork.js and add
to the multipleAudioWhiteList list (see “msie” for IE10 and “trident/7” for IE11 here):

cc.Browser.multipleAudioWhiteList = ["baidubrowser", "opera", "firefox", "chrome", "safari", "ucbrowser", "qqbrowser", "mqqbrowser", "msie", "trident/7"];

This seems to have no effect.

Has anyone else experienced this problem? Any solutions recommended?

Thank you



please modify the multiple audio white list to this:
cc.Browser.multipleAudioWhiteList = [“baidubrowser”, “opera”, “firefox”, “chrome”, “safari”, “ucbrowser”, “qqbrowser”, “mqqbrowser”, “ie”];

Thanks for feedback.


Thank you David, much appreciated. I assume this will be rolled into the new version3.


Yes, This issue has been fixed in version 3.0.

Thanks for your noticing.


This is a top and only relevant google search term so I’m replying after 247 days.

I’ve had to add ie to the whitelist (well, it was there in 2.1.5 if I remmeber correctly), but also to hack cc.browser.type to support ie as well (I added an if on top of the function that checks for “trident” or similar and imediately return ie) (in miniframework.js) Your mileage may vary on different v2.x versions…

cc.Browser.type = (function () {
            return “ie”;

Try this or similar if issue persists. I can confirm that it works decently on ie10 and ie11 (ie9 just shows me a black canvas on my project, but, no console errors and I’m not able to continue to test so, you’re on your own there).