Play same sound effect, multiple times

Play same sound effect, multiple times
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Hey guys. Is it possible to play the same sound effect multiple times? For example, I want to play an explosion which lasts a second or so, but when I call the playEffect(str) a second time, it stops the first sample playing, I want them both to play, overlapping.

Is this possible? I’ve only tested this on Win32 so far, using the CocosDenshion. I’m mostly concerned about iOS for now - does it work on iOS?



I wanna know the answer either because I met the same problem…


I try the OGG file for Android. It’s work Maybe the M4A file is suit for iOS.


Yes , it is a bug on win32 now


I dont get it Rao- being able to play multiple times the same sound (simultaneously) is a bug? Is there any way to do this “correctly”?


I try the .OGG and .WAV files for Android - not worked (second sound stops the first sample playing).
On iOS I have tried .mp3 - all sounds are played simultaniously.

So I think this are win and android bugs.