play fullscreen intro video

play fullscreen intro video
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Hi, I have a working game in C*+ ported to cocos2d-x wp8. Now I need to play an intro video before the actual game starts, This turned out to be a nightmare! Here is what I’ve tried so far, without success:

  • tried to play the video into a CCSprite background texture by adapting the MS Sample code. Result: the video lags and crashes after a couple of seconds. Tried converting the video to 5 formats, same result.
  • created a new mixed XAML/Direct3D app. Play the video in the first XAML page, run the game in the second XAML page with a Direct3D view. Had to manually port cocos2d-x and cocosDenshion to be able to run inside the component part of the project, but I cannot replace the CubeRenderer from the template with the cocos2d-x DirectXRender.
    So, I’m stuck and out of ideas. If anyone knows how to play a fullscreen video at the beginning of a game written in C*+ for wp8, please let me know.

Thanks, Marcelo



I am facing a similar problem, I need to reproduce a video after finishing the game, but I am having problems, did you find any way to reproduce the video in cocos2d-x for wp8?

Thank you and have a nice day.


Hi, yes I eventually made it work. I will separate the code from my current project (which is commercial, so I cannot disclose it as it is), and will create a github repo with a working sample. That being said, the code still has some problems, it crashes after the video finishes and it does not handle rotation. But maybe others can have a look at that. Right now it plays the video fullscreen and I use a timer to switch to another scene before the video finishes and crashes :slight_smile:

I’ll post here again tonight once I have everything set up.



Thank you, I will apreciate a lot to be able to see how did you manage to display the video on screen.

Have an excellent day. :slight_smile:


I’m trying to convert my cocos2dx game to “directx with xaml” project.
any one have any idea how to do this?