Planning to create a 3D plugin for cocos2d-x

Planning to create a 3D plugin for cocos2d-x
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Some have planning to create a 3d plugin for cocos2d-x? It’ll be awesome to create 3d games using cocos2d-x.



I think there might be a github for cc3d, right? I see it on the family tree. Take a look at that project and see where it can fit your needs and where it can be improved. I am sure the cc3d guys would love any help you can provide.


Hi I look in the cocos2d-x github project and I can’t find the cc3d project that you talk about. Can you tell the exact url?


see the cocos3d project on this page.


Cocos3d is derived from cocos2d-iphone, not cocos2d-x.
Cocos3d only run in ios platform,
I want to know if someone have an idea to create a 3d version based in cocos2d-x.


@Fabio Cunha,
My workmates are creating 2.5D on the top of cocos2d-x, also cross platform.
Here’s the discussion
Here’s the issue

I think 2.5D is enough for current state. If you’re looking for a cocos2d-x style 3D open source engine, you should take a look at BlackBerry’s GamePlay project


@Zhe Wang
I’ll take a look in the gameplay project but I’ll preffer to use the 2.5D cocos2d-x.