Pic n Puzz - Available on iPad

Pic n Puzz - Available on iPad
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I m happy to announce our first release based on cocos2d-x. the game is avaiable to iPad but will be on Android tablets in a few weeks.

I ve got 5 promos codes for this forum so contact me if u want to test the game

website :


App Store link :




Pic n’ Puzz is a puzzle game about teasing and reflection. It is a playful and fun way to boost and stimulate your brain.
Entertain yourself from your tablet alone or with ur family.
Customize your puzzle card with your own pictures and hide your message,
Send the puzzle card to your friends, they will take extreme pleasure in discovering your ride.

Boost your brain by solving puzzles!
Simple and intuitive, you must reconstruct the images (4*3) by dragging the boxes horizontally or vertically. In case of difficulty, this can be a real headache, use the joker you unlock by switching two pieces of your choice.

Choice of themes:
Play over 200 levels with themes that will carry you.
World cities, animals, music, sports … you choose!

Collect bonus!
Blocked at a challenging puzzle?
You can earn bonuses, solve maximum puzzles in record time, completing each level will give you 30 seconds ahead and 3 bonus.

What kind of genius are you?
Scientist genius or crazy genius …?
Visit rewards to discover, many missions await you!

Connect your Facebook game and quickly discover what your ranking is and your friend(s) as well.
Let the challenge begins!

For more fun, send puzzle cards!
Customize your puzzle card from your own photos and hide a message,
Send puzzle card to your friends that will take a pleasure in discovering your ride.
A fun way that you could use in all circumstances: birthdays, housewarming, parties, surprises…
Try to hold as long as possible with friends, in turn, exchange the maximum puzzles.


Pic n’ Puzz is a funnly puzzle game.