PhysicsBody moved automatically when resume from background for android


Follow the below steps:
1、Create a PhysicsBody.
// create physical world
auto scene = Scene::createWithPhysics();

// create edge
auto contentSize = this->getContentSize();
auto edge = Node::create();
edge->setPosition(contentSize.width / 2, contentSize.height / 2);
// create PhysicalBody
auto role = cocos2d::Sprite::create(“block.png”);
auto roleSize = role->getBoundingBox().size;
role->setPosition(contentSize.width / 2, roleSize.height / 2);
2、Compile and generate apk file.
3、Running app on android device.
4、Press the Home button.
5、Launching the app again. The PhysicalBody will move automatically when resume from background.

cocos2d-x version is v3.0beta2.
The problems are the same on samusung note 2 and mi3。

Anyone can help me?
Looking forward to your replies.
Thanks. (1.0 KB) (1522.2 KB)