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I’ve seen in github lots of folders with physics support and other things.
There is support to Box 2D.
So, do I need to download that folder and compile source code or the latest version of cocos has native support?

Thanks for replies


Yes. Box2D and chipmunk is required for “tests”. You can download the whole zip package from github then build it, following “how to” series tutorials on this website


I didn’t find the “how to’s” in cocos2d site. Can you point me where
is the link?

  1. [[How to run HelloWorld of cocos2d-x on iPhone Emulator]]
  2. [[How to run tests of cocos2d-x on iPhone Emulator]]
  3. [[How to run HelloWorld on ndk r4 and r5]]
  4. [[How to run test cases on android-ndk]]