Physical Game - "Save My Love"

Physical Game - "Save My Love"
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Hi everyone,
I have published my WP8 physical game - “Save My Love” in the Store.
The story of game: Cyan and Orange are cute octopuses. They live happy together. One day, Orange is kidnapped by 3 bad guys: Pi (Red Bird), Po (Green Bird) and Pu (Blue Bird). Play game to help Cyan save his love, Orange!

  • The story is shown when you access the game. If you don’t want to show it any more, you can turn off in Options Scene. You also can adjust Sound in this scene.
  • Game now is release with 12 levels. And be going to update soon.
  • To play game: drag down from Cyan’s head to shoot. To pass the level, you should help Cyan let the cage fall down. Shooting the 3 kidnappers to collect badges. Tilt your phone to help Cyan moving.
    Now, let enjoy the game.
    Hope you guys love it! If you like it, please rate and review for me. Thank you!

Link to the Store:
QR code :


I just updated my game in new version. Downdload and enjoy now!
Thank you guys for viewing!


looking nice :slight_smile: really want to play but i don’t have WP :frowning:


Thank Shukerullah Rashdi, i’m glad that you love it :slight_smile:
Shukerullah Rashdi wrote:

looking nice :slight_smile: really want to play but i don’t have WP :frowning:


Thank you, apolinario sasam :slight_smile:
apolinario sasam wrote:

This seems like a pretty good game! I would surely love to try this one. - Green Water Technologies


Hi everybody,
“Save My Love” just updated new version Let’s download and play now.
Thank for viewing :slight_smile: