Photon + Cocos2Dx + GUI Extension, Android + iOS: Tutorials? Examples?

Photon + Cocos2Dx + GUI Extension, Android + iOS: Tutorials? Examples?
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I’ve heard it’s feasible to integrate the Photon networking engine with Cocos2Dx, but I was wondering if there were any example projects or detailed tutorials on how to make an Android/iOS Cocos2Dx project using Photon. I’m working in xCode, and my existing code is a board game in cocos2d-2.0-x-2.0.3 that makes heavy use of the GUI extension.

I’ve already tried two setups. The first began with a copy of the TestCpp sample. I followed the instructions in the Photon documentation for integrating Photon into project, but no matter what I do, #include “PhotonPeer.h” throws an error.

Next, I started from Photon’s “Realtime” demo, which already integrates an earlier version of Cocos2DX, but I’m not sure how the files are structured and I’m having trouble updating to 2.0.3. (Although it may just be that I can’t find the new version of libcocos2d_iphonesimulator.a and libcocos2d_iphoneos.a) Even if I can do the update, I have no idea how to get the iOS and Android sides of Photon integrated; I’ve barely worked that out using this tutorial: I also need to fit the GUI extension in, and I’ve never done that manually.

Honestly, I can probably work this out eventually, but it would really help if there were a tutorial for this somewhere, or an example project with everything integrated to work from. Thanks.


Yes, there is one well written up to date tutorial out there about exactly this topic. I have just recently found it myself:

Oh wait, you are writing that tutorial yourself.
Well, keep up the good work, that I have seen so far and in case, that you have questions or that you experience any difficulties with integrating Photon, please just ask us for help.
You can best reach us at For questions that are more about cocos2d-x than about Photon this board is of course the better place.


@Kaiserludi we need a new tutorial.


Here is a brandnew tutorial for using Photon with cocos2d-x:

It’s in Japanese only, but with the help of google translate it should also be helpful for people who don’t speak Japanese (Actually I have used google translate myself to be able to read it).