Performance / smoothness

Performance / smoothness
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Hi all… I’m trying to port a Cocos2d-iphone ObjC app to Cocos-x on Win32 and so far the
actual job of converting the code is going well… amazingly easy to convert the ObjC to
C++ line for line… very groovy.

The problem I have is that the performance is pretty bad, even for the simplest things.
I’ve got an i7/920 machine @ 2.6Ghz with a GTX260 graphics card, so I think my hardware
should be way more than capable. Even a basic CCMoveTo action, moving a sprite
across the screen is usually very jerky and unpredictable. I didn’t experience this kind
of issue with Cocos2d-iphone on OSX or on iOS.

Could anyone give any comments on what they feel about the performance and smoothness
of Cocos2d-X on Win32? I don’t know what to from now - it’s kind of disappointing.
So far I’ve tried various hacks in the guts of CCApplication_win32 and CCEGLView_win32 but
nothing’s really helping things move smoothly.



You can run an open source game BTris on win32, and compare to the video in that post. The video is captured from a winxp in Parallels based on osx, so it must be faster to running it without virtual machines.

I guess your problem should be related to the opengl implement on your machine. Please try to
# upgrade the driver of your video card first
# if the game still renders very slowly, please upgrade the integrated PowerVR library in cocos2d-x

Hope this can help you. No matter these items works or not, please let me know :slight_smile: