Performance question about spriteBatchNode + blending

Performance question about spriteBatchNode + blending
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Hi All,

I guess my question is more about the cocosX gl feature that’s why i post here, correct me if i am wrong.
I am using JSB javascript in my project (so the final draw function are all call in c+)
i have 1 big image, inside has all frames of a character and his additional parts.
some parts need to be draw in bleeding mode
there are many object draw on the screen with same texture
currently my code is all of the character
parts has same texture are belong to the same spriteBatchNode.
but my problem is all child in the same batchNode cannot have different blend settings.
so what should i do?

  1. each texture will have 2 batchNode, blend effect & normal. smartly add object to the correct batchNode
  2. keep current design, object doesn’t need blending work as usual, just throw those parts need blending on the layer outside batchNode, not much to draw anyway. (10*5) the most.

thank in advance.