Performance problem

Performance problem
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I’ve done the tutorial 1 to 4 (*-*How_to_Fire_some_Bullets ) with cocos2d-2.0-x-2.0.2
And when I put the apk on my android (LG optimus 2x (tegra2)) the FPS is not stable at all, it goes from 4 to 70-80.
So the animation of target was not smooth.

Have I done something wrong ?
Is it resolvable in a real project ?

Thanks in advance


The problem I see with the tutorial is that when the shuriken and the aliens collide, the sprites are not really “destroyed” but simply “hidden” from view. I’m not sure how the Cocos2d-x Garbage Collection works but from my point of view, these hidden sprites eat too much of the device’s memory even when they are not needed anymore.

Aside from that, a bit of Googling will result into several issues regarding certain Android Devices such as your Android Device.


Thanks for your quick reply Lance.

Does anyone know if the problem with tegra2 device will be solved soon?
Because for me it is unacceptable to use this framework with this problem.


Sorry, I don’t know anything about that. I only have one Android Device and had no performance problems up until now.