Performance Hit by loading 1 .wav ad effect? normal?


I preload a .wav of 300k in OnEnter of a scene and it takes like 1 second to load (scene is frozen before actions start). Is that normal?
Is there another supported file format that would reduce that performance hit ?
(both in Xcode simulator and iphone 3GS device itself)


Please refer to [[Audio formats supported by CocosDenshion on different platforms]]
On iOS, I recommend the apple .caf format


thanks. but either way may it be .caf or .wav, the app freezes for 1 second at preloading time… which I guess is a bug?
freezing (drop to 0.4 fps) is not really wanted, or?


that was a noob trap: the freeze is probably due to the first call to the engine to instance him. I moved a first preload earlier on, then subsequent preload+ playeffect went without a problem. … so problem closed, sorry for the trouble, I guess I have to learn to live with the SDK…:wink: