PC Windows - "Code::Blocks" C/C++ IDE Cocos2D-X Setup?

PC Windows - "Code::Blocks" C/C++ IDE Cocos2D-X Setup?
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PC Windows - “Code::Blocks” C/C++ IDE Cocos2D-X Setup?


I’ve been using SDL 1.2 with OpenGL for years
but am wanting to try something new now
and came across your Cocos2D-X and thought I would try it!

I’m developing for PC Windows now primarily.
I do not use any Microsoft IDE.
How would I setup Cocos2D-X using “Code::Blocks” IDE ?

Thanks in advance!



Hello ,
Have you findout the solution for that problem.


Code::Blocks can import MS Visual Studio Projects , so you can just import the visual studio project created by the cocos.console tool into code blocks and use it from that point.


I do the same as you suggested dwd but there is so much error to compile.
Can you share the process to configuration it will helpful to us .
Or want to compile it with GNU GCC compiler because can’t use any licence support from windows sdk or visual studio .
Please help me . Thanks in advance .