Particle texture not being initialized correctly

Particle texture not being initialized correctly
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I was having trouble getting my particles to appear correctly when retina display was enabled, and I’ve tracked the problem down to a bug in CCParticleSystem.

The issue is in CCParticleSystem::initWithDictionary(), on line 284. Currently, it has:

this->m_pTexture = tex;

when instead it should have:


This problem actually affects more than just the retina display. Since the texture variable is set directly instead of via the setTexture() method, the texture rect is never updated after the texture is set. I tried to create an issue about this on the “Issues” page, but apparently I am not allowed to do that.


Oh, it is hard to find it.
Thank you for your contribution.
I think you can put the pull request by github.
The address is


Since a long time, this bug is stay actual for 0.13.0-beta. Could you fix it in the nearest build, please. Thank you!