Particle Systems

Particle Systems
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Are CCParticleSystems supported by the Lua bindings ? I couldn’t see anything in the tolua bindings ?


The lua binding is improving. If you find somthing lost, you can add it by yourself now, and welcome to contribute for it.


Happy to do this, just don’t know how to! Is there a tool that I point at a lib or a guide to doing it ?


Yes, you can refer cocos2dx/tools/tolua++.
Thank you advance.


So I compiled (1.0.92) from source (Mac OSX) and the file it generates (LuaCocos2d.cpp) is very different from the versioned file :frowning:

For example in the versioned file every ‘delete self;’ in the generated file I have is ‘Mtolua_delete(self);’ but there are other more significant changes that suggest I’m doing something wrong :frowning: (these changes are not listed in the README!)

Any ideas?


Ok, so I’ve submitted a pull-request : that allows people to more easily provide new lua bindings. With these patches I’ve been able to get particle systems up and running, there will be a different patch to follow with that!


Thank you very much.
It seems that LuaCocos2d.cpp is different every time generated by tolua++.exe. So it is difficult for us to mantain it.


Yes it does :frowning: This file is going to be very hard for you to manage with pull requests! Effectively you’ll need to merge-resolve with your version each time and then re-run the tool to keep it up to date as a master version :frowning:

Do you know if the latest version of tolua++ is more consistent at all ?


I don’t know, we will update tolua++ to 1.0.93 ASAP.