particalSystem crash when run first time (using jsb & cocosbuilder)

particalSystem crash when run first time (using jsb & cocosbuilder)
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I make an animation with a particalSystem with cocosbuilder, and then deploy to ios device using jsb.
The animation will run failed in first time, but success in other times.
When debug with simulater in xcode, it seems sth wrong with the particalSystem’s function draw(). I addTextureCache in advance, or stopSystem() then resetSystem(), but it still crash. Finally I set it to be invisiable and it works.
I use the cocos2d-html5 with version 2.1.3, is it a bug in this version or my code is wrong.


Could you please post the log here?


the report is just segment fatal 11… and when debug, it runs into assembly, and i saw words with particalSystem and draw (so I found the problem is because of the particalSystem),seems refer to an invalid address


I am sorry, there are not enough details.

Is it possible for you to add the error code on the template? It could help us to debug the problem quickly.


I hide the particle for some time, but the problem appears again… Here’s the debug it crash, I use cocos2d-html5 jsb and cocosbuilder.