Partial TypeScript definitions file now on github

Partial TypeScript definitions file now on github
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I’ve done enough to get the HelloHTML5World sample to be annotated with types and class names using TypeScript 0.9. There’s still a lot more to do but someone might find this useful:


Thank you for bringing Cocos2d-html5 to TypeScript.

I am interested on the performance of TypeScript. Do you have some test result?


The TypeScript definitions are just like a C/C++ header file with type information. Once it compiles down to JavaScript it’s not really any different to code you’d write by hand so the performance isn’t really any different either. The advantage is that the compiler does the static type checking for you and Intellisense in Visual Studio 2012 lets you discover the api as you go along and prevents you making mistakes.


@AdamD Great work.
I tried to use TypeScrit for cocos-html5, it’s really works, though some compile errors should be ignored.

Another question, why not use a same path and file names like officical cocos-html5 on github. This will be better for sync and modify than a single all-in-one file.
Thank you.