ParallaxNode not showing

ParallaxNode not showing
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Hello, i’m having a little trouble with Parallax Node.
Here’s my code: i’ve created a class for handling background layer. One constructor create a parallax node receiving the texture path as input, as shown below, but after launching the app, i cant’see anything (while adding a simple texture to a cclayer works). Any suggestion?
`BackgroundLayer::BackgroundLayer(char* bg1){
bg = CCLayer::node();
bgParall = CCParallaxNode::node();

CCSize size = CCDirector::sharedDirector()->getWinSize();
int i = 0;
int count = 4;
int zOrder = count - i;
CCSprite* tmp = NULL;

tmp = CCSprite::spriteWithFile(bg1);
tmp->setPosition( ccp(size.width/2, size.height/2) );
bgParall->addChild(tmp, zOrder, ccp(1,0), ccp(1,0));



then “bg” is added to the main scene.


ops… my fault :slight_smile:
I made a wrong assignment: last line of the code should be
this way it works fine.
Problem solved.