Overall performance on mobile in version 2.2.2

Overall performance on mobile in version 2.2.2
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I moved from 2.1.5 to 2.2.2 recently.

On mobile webviews the performance seems to have degraded a couple fps in the transition (no other code changed). Is there something in particular I should be aware of in 2.2.1 or 2.2.2 that might have reduced performance on mobile devices. I was a little surprised as I thought 2.2 and beyond was supposed to be improving on mobile performance.

It could be just that the frame rate meter is more accurate. It tends to fluctuate a lot less than it did on 2.1.5 and earlier versions.

Thanks ahead of time for any one who might know something about this.


Hi, Alan

We can’t make a quick guess on what you described, if you mean the scene transition, the frame rate drop may related to what you have in the targeted scene rather than the transition itself.
Can you be more specific?
Thanks in advance



Hi Alan,

Could you please tell me which you’re using mobile platform is?

Yes, we have optimized performance on mobile devices since v2.2. We always keep the performance increase or equals to previous version.
Here is a compare on mobile browser:

If you have some suggests about performance optimizing, please tell us.



Hi Alan, thanks for your report. Could you please show us what is your usage?

I would like to have a testing in your way to double-checkt the engine’s performance.


Hi there,

Sorry for the long wait for a reply.

Currently the screens I am looking at which have experienced a frame drop use cocosbuilder to builds screens which have a number of text elements, tableViews and draw items. I have a number of custom draw items which draw directly to the render context (for things such as variable star sizes … or menu buttons with rounded corners).

It might be better to build a synthetic screen.

Another way might be to give you access to a web link but I don’t want to share that publicly :slight_smile:

I have set the frame rate to be 30fps but if you do have tools that instrument at a deeper level it probably won’t matter.

You can contact me at alan@grantoo.org