Outline Highlighting a sprite (silhouette)

Outline Highlighting a sprite (silhouette)
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Hello , energetic dude :slight_smile:

I need a Outline Highlighting a sprite that effects like silhouette.

many games support this fuction ex) facebook games castle ville sims, hidden cronicles and so on.

in my case, there are many game objects in my developing game.

so we don’t make many images for 1 on 1 silhouette.

i think i need reclying sprites. so i made same textured sprite and scale up more 1.0.

but i dont change sprite to white color.

CCSprite* outlineSpr = CCSprite::spriteWithTexture(getSpr~~>getTexture);
outlineSpr~~>setColor(ccc3(255,255,255)); <— OMG :frowning:
// outlineSpr~~>setBlendFunc);

if I’ll fail this, how can i make this effect?