Optimizing Graphics(AutoBatch)

Optimizing Graphics(AutoBatch)


My level 1 background and all the other images for my game fit on 1 sprite sheet, but my level 2,3, & 4 background do not fit on that spritesheet, does it make sense to make 1 sprite sheet for each background(level 2,3&4, this would be 3 extra spritesheets) or since it would be just 1 image in each sprite sheet does it not make a difference if I just leave them as normal .pngs images?


If images are too big to fit into a 2048x2048 sprite sheet, then yes, leave them out. The only images that would be that size are your background images, as you stated, so it’s a little pointless to even have them in a sprite sheet.


Were you able to figure out the problem of small circles getting cut out at the top or bottom sometimes ? Im also experiencing this after using the circles from my spritesheet, before the spritesheet they wouldnt be missing pixels


is Power of 2 images still relevant today ? just found out about this after i’ve already been done making all my graphics,or can power of 2 rule be ignored ?