OpenGL Version too old error

OpenGL Version too old error
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I just downloaded Cocos 2dx in my Windows XP system.
I ran the build-win32 batch file to generate a Visual Studio solution(I have a VS 2010 Express)
It executed for a ridiculously long time(1 hr or so) and finally spat out an error message.

OpenGL Version too old
OpenGL 1.5 or higher is required. Please upgrade the driver of your video card.

So does that mean I can’t use Cocos2Dx wiith my system?


Have you installed OpenGL in your S.O?

You need the correct version with your hardware.


Update your driver of ATI/NVDIA video card, it will work.



which version of cocos2d-x u r using ???

Use lower version of cocos2d-x .

I have faced the same issue, and i solved it using “cocos2d-1.0.1-x-0.9.2” , try this version…

you will be rocking / …



Some page or document that lists cocos2dx versions with respective OpenGL version requirement?. Thanks in advance!


Hi, it works when reset xp 2D/3D settings for windows xp in vbox;
but, when excute *.exe, the game background is black, how to do it?
however, when I debug run in vs2010, it excutes normorlly, = =!