Opengl Es or openGL to win32?

Opengl Es or openGL to win32?
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I want to know if cocos2d-x on win32 use OpenGL or openGL-ES with an iphone emulator. Can we make a “real” port to iphone -> Win32 with cocos2d?

thanks for your help :slight_smile:


The win32 port based on OpenGL ES 1.1, which is offered by PowerVR gles library.


How do I know if my laptop support graphic for installing cocos2d-x ? How to fix if my laptop don’t support opengl ?


actually… most modern laptops and PCs should support openGL.


the new cocos2d-x 3.5+ ( maybe older also ) using the great glfw lib for windowing and openGL context , so it supposed to run well on win32 including the old microsoft opengl version from 95 (:
you can find it i : cocos2d-x-3.6\cocos2d-x-3.6\build\Debug.win32


But mine is an old


well if your PC is very old i found that using SDL the first version will work great