[Open Source] Alarm-X4 - Alarm clock for Android

[Open Source] Alarm-X4 - Alarm clock for Android
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Alarm x4 is a very unusual Alarm for Android. It is written in C++ with cocos2dx library. Not a common way for Android application. This Alarm helps to wake up just in time. It will ask you to solve a numberlink puzzle (Flow puzzle) to turn it off. Even more, it will show the weather just in place were you are. Also it will show you some new jokes. Moreover, it will prepare exciting wallpaper as the background (each time new wallpaper). The Alarm also have feature to ring few times before you need to go out.

Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=ua.in.chaika.Alarm
GitHub: https://github.com/seagullua/Alarm-x4

Key features

  • Innovative UI
  • Geolocated weather forecast
  • Numberlink puzzle to turn off alarm
  • New jokes every day
  • New unique wallpaper every day