Open Flash Project Bug

Open Flash Project Bug
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there is problem import Flash Animation file.

and it seems old bug. i have googled and found someone who have same problem 8 month ago

and he say it’s scaleX bug. and it seems… some rotated symbol have wrong scale x, y value

and now i try to export armature using dragonbone.

but i can’t use the XML file in Cocostudio for retouch.

is there any clean solution for this problem??

if you want the problem FLA file tell me~



Did you follow the steps about how in this url?


Sure i am foloowing the guide. it doesn’t matter.

i try same thing with Dragon bones and it doesn’t have such problem.

cocostudio flash import function have problem import Aniamtion that start with rotated object


We have fixed a problem about the matrix.I think your problem maybe the same.
You can send your fla to me, i will test it.;