Open EL 2.0 Branch - Please, need urgent help!

Open EL 2.0 Branch - Please, need urgent help!
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Im in the process of porting our game to Win7, and wanted to use the Open EL 2.0 branch (mainly to try and use the full screen option, that is all, everything from 0.13 beta works right away)

Im VERY confused on witch branch i should use. Looking at repositories on the website, i see SEVERAL gles2.0 branches… there is gles2.0, gles20 and gles20_old… ok, none of them i can download from the website (there is not tarball or zip files)… looking at github, everything is a mess as well… there is gles20 and gles20_old branches…

gles20 branch is missing A LOT OF FILES, like CCMutableArray and missing files from the newly added CocosBuilder addon and simply cannot be used at all! Should i use the gles20_old instead? Last commit from there is 6 months OLD What a mess…

Can someone point me into the right direction ?




I’ve been playing with the gles20 branch for a few days. I did come across the missing CCBReader issue, which could be easily solved by copying the missing folders from the source. Other than that, I was able to compile on my Mac and have the HelloWorld project running on both my iPhone and Android devices.

Since you mentioned Win7, is this what you need?


gles20 branch is recommended. gles20_old used OpenGL ES 2.0 to implement OpenGL ES 1.1 interfaces.
CCMutableArray, CCMutableDictionary are refactored to CCArray, CCDictionary, here’s a upgrade guide [[Cocos2d-x v20 migration guide]] but not finished.
CocosBuilder addon is in cocos2d/extensions/CCBReader, I will check them now. It’s ok on ios and android (I’ve tested), but maybe have problem on windows visual studio.

We will release a 2.0 stable version sooner or later, in this week or next week.


I just fixed the build error on visual studio.