ссocos2dhtml5 and box2dweb: axis and coordinates

ссocos2dhtml5 and box2dweb: axis and coordinates
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Hello everybody. I try to make some stuff with cocos2d and box2d. So, as I know, the axis in coco2d starts from left bottom corner. In box2d axis starts in left top corner, and Y axis goes down.
When I add sprite in cocos2d layer in position (0, 0), all looks correct (see attached image). But when I create box2dbody and add it in the same place (0, 0), I expect to see it in left right corner in the screen, but in real see in the screen center (also see in attached image). My question: is all these things are correct? If so, for correct connecting ccsprite and b2body need I only make conversion of coordinates from one to onother in my update() method? Or I make something wrong? Thanks a lot.

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