Now Multiplayer Gaming Network Engine AppWarp with Cocos2DX

Now Multiplayer Gaming Network Engine AppWarp with Cocos2DX
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ShepHertz - A Cloud Ecosystem provider for Apps announces that their multiplayer gaming network, AppWarp now supports Cocos2D-X SDK. This integration will enable the Cocos2D-X game developers to develop connected real-time multiplayer games.
AppWarp’s already existing Cocos2D SDK is widely used and appreciated in the community. Cocos2D-X SDK can be used with iOS, Android, Marmalade and BlackBerry 10. It will allow Cocos2d-x developers to quickly build engaging cross-platform games.
Our solution is accommodated in such a way that developers don’t have to write any server side code as we provide unique features such as:
 Persistent Room property management
 Match making based on the number of users and properties
 Client-side arbitration
 Out of the box turn based gaming APIs
This SDK allows Cocos2D-X games to connect, subscribe and manage server side rooms, lobbies and users. It also have match making feature which allows the developers to easily support quick play modes, add and update properties of rooms, and reduces the amount of time spent scanning for the desired game rooms. Match making can be done on the properties of the rooms as well on the number of users in a room.

We hope to have a great response from Cocos2D-X community.


Is it free??? :expressionless:


ShepHertz offers their AppWarp Multiplayer service for FREE to Indie developers while gaming studios/organisations can try this service for 3 months. For more details you can visit this link: