Not able to change the HelloWorld.png

Not able to change the HelloWorld.png
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Hi Guys,
I am using Visual studio 2010 and cocos2d 2.1.4. Installation and all faced few problems, but now i have a working environment :).
The problem is I have a test application in which I can’t change the “HelloWorld.png” to the image I have. It’s throwing an exception.I have placed the file inside Resources folder inside Debug folder, still getting this error.
Please any one point me out where/What I am doing wrong.

  1. Right-click your project, select Properties > Build Events> Post-build events

  2. Add the following in the “Command Line” section:

    xcopy /Y /E …\Resources*.* $(OutDir)

What it does is to copy your resources folder to the output folder.


Put your image in Resources folder.not in debug folder.