"not a plist file" error

"not a plist file" error
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I’m trying to use a plist to animate a sprite,
but when I try to load the plist I get the following error:
@ cocos2d:Not a plist file @

I have no Idea what I’m doing wrong, the file is there and is preloaded

This is the code I’m using at the moment:

@ var playerCache = cc.SpriteFrameCache.getInstance();
$.get(“_assets/sprites/kid.plist”,function(e){console.log(e)}); //works just fine

playerSprite = cc.Sprite.createWithSpriteFrameName(“kid_animated1.png”);
playerSprite = cc.Sprite.createWithTexture(this.getTexture(“kid”));
this.addChild(playerSprite, 0);@

and in the resources file:
{type:"plist", src:"_assets/sprites/kid.plist"}

Any help is greatly appreciated.


what about the hulk.plist?


same thing, the hulk.plist was just as a test.