No project work on Cocos Creator 1.3.3 - cannot read properly 'getScene'


So, I just downloaded and sucessfully installed cocos 2dx 1.14 and cocos creator v1,3.3.
But the problem is, it doesn’t work. What ever I open (new project, hello word project, old project), there is loading symbol in Node tree window and scene window.
In console, I firs get:
* preview server running at http://localhost:7456
* Compiling scripts…
* Compiled successfully
Than errors:
* Error: This browser does not support webGL. Try using the canvas renderer
* Error: This browser does not support webGL. Try using the canvas renderer
* TypeError: Cannot read property ‘size’ of undefined

* Error: The renderer doesn’t support the renderMode 2

Than, whatever I do, ( if i want to add sth new, or run or build the project), I get

* TypeError: Cannot read property ‘getScene’ of undefined


* TypeError: Cannot read property ‘clear’ of undefined

I would appreciate any help, sice I am new to cocos creator.


Hi @iaprogramsUP

May I ask, which browser you are using? I have CC 1.3.3 with Mac set-up and with Chrome as Browser and works fine. Also, you may try to uninstall and install cc again…I’m also a newbie and already created my first game with CC and working on my 2nd one…Any further questions, please feel free to ask…God Bless…




I think I have Chrome as a browser… But where can is set that?


Hi @iaprogramsUP

Ok, go as below:

Main Menu - > Cocos Creator - > Preferences - > Preview Run - > Choose Chrome Browser… God Bless…




Yes, I did that. It still dont work :frowning:


I reinstall CC and it stil doesnt work.


Hi @iaprogramsUP

May I ask, is your platform Windows or Mac? Also, where are you downloading CC from? Is it from below:

God Bless…




My platform is windows. I download it from the official link you gave me, yes.
Is it the new cocos (1.14) causing the errors?


You dont need Cocos2dx 3.14 to work with Creator 1.3.3. Creator has everything you need to work.


Ok. Than what is going wrong?


I changed browsers (try with mozzila, chrome, ie ) and i try it in simulator but htere are errors


No idea, never happened to me. Sorry.


Hi @iaprogramsUP

Please take a look at below, and see if it helps:

God Bless…


I already did so, and it didn’t help :frowning: tnx for help anyway. Version 1.2 works, so it must be some new think-


Hi @iaprogramsUP

I really don’t know, but maybe @pandamicro, @nantas2 can give offer some guidance when they have a chance regarding your issue. God Bless…




i have had the same problem, because i just changed the hard drive and put it into another computer, so the problem was that my browser was configured according to old graphics driver of old laptop, so i installed new graphics driver and it worked for me.