Newcomer questions

Newcomer questions
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Hello people, I’m a new face in here and in game development in general, and as such I might have several questions about some elements of game development in general. A problem I have stumbled across is the touch implementation logic, which I don’t seem to be able to grasp ( lack of proper documentation, tutorials etc). I was wondering if someone was willing to explain it to me. CcTouchesbegan/ moved/ ended seem to be a popular way to do it. Any hints would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.


What is not clear for you ?

I’ll try to summarize : each touch (the moment you put a finger on the device), have a life-cycle of :

  • begin (one time)
  • move (a lot of times, each time you move your finger, there is a move event)
  • end (one time)

With the CCTouchesBegan/moved/ended, you also receive which CCTouch(es) was modified (not sure if the object is the same, but at least the getID always return the same value for the same touch)

If you just have an app where there is tap, you should use higher levels methods. But if you use some drag&drop or more complicated gesture recognition, that’s what you are going to use.


What is not clear to me was the logic on which the whole procedure of implementing touching is based. I believe your answer has made the whole philosophy of it clearer by a great percentage, and I thank you very much for that.