Newbie question.

Newbie question.
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Hello. My name is Ptolomeo and I’ve got some quick questions because I want to test this framework, can anybody help me?

I actually work with Microsoft Visual C++, but also feel comfortable working on linux environments.

1.- My first question. Is there more support for the Cocos2d-x in Windows o in Linux?

2.- Are there any updated manuals on how to start setting up a development environment with Cocos2d-x v.3 beta? I havent seen any, and in some cases the refer to files I cannot find in the Cocos2d-X 3.0 Beta2 version that I have downloaded. For example I don’t find the or the make-all-linux-projects scripts anywhere… (where the heck are they?)

3.- I see there is a more complete development environment ‘CocoStudio’, but it’s only Windows supported. Is it a more recommended solution than Cocos2d-X and the place a novice like me should start?

thank you in advance, you gurus. Any advice will be very welcome.



I think I cannot fully answer to every question you made, but I’ll share my thoughts:

  • I just used cocos2dx on Windows, not Linux, so I cannot tell you which one is “more supported”. My opinion is that cocos2dx is best when used for mobile devices (e.g Cocos2dx2.2 does not support Windows keyboard, if I recall correctly. I had to implement that myself. But I also think that 3.0 will support that)

  • This page contains a lot of information about cocos2dx 3.0 but they are, for the most part, change logs with respect to the older versions. this should be the official API reference page for cocos2dx.
    I’m not aware of any ‘manual’ or guide for cocos2dx3.0 for beginners, but regarding the .py files you are looking for, I believe they are now unified in under tools/project-creator folder

  • CocoStudio might be a good starting point to get fast experience with Scenes, Layers, Sprites and so on. It’s quite good (even if, rather recent), but I’d always suggest to keep your experience as close to the code as possible, that is, write code, learn from the code. I’d sometimes consider CocoStudio a way for experienced users to save some time or build prototypes. But again, this is just my opinion :slight_smile:

Hope this helps!
Feel free to correct me if I wrote anything wrong!

Davide Jones


Thank you for sharing your thoughts. I started trying cocos2d-x-3.0beta2 with Eclipse+ADT in windows and I got stuck in the first ‘HelloCpp’ sample :frowning:

Let’s see if we can solve this issue…


I have the most experience with iOS and cocos2dx 2.2.2, but I’m happy to help if you have any specific issue or question about the Eclipse HelloWorld.

Let me know :slight_smile:

Davide Jones