newbie in cocos2d-x

newbie in cocos2d-x
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hello, I’m kinda new to cocos2d-x although I had basic lessons with Eclipse Java for Mobile Dev,

I would just like to ask if someone could guide me.
please add me up on YM (

I was able to use cocos2d-x now on Eclipse ADT on Win8 OS, will that run in iOS as well? or just for Android?
bcause I want to create a simple Tictactoe game for Android and iOS.

Just really need someone to help me so I could start.

Thank you very much.


As long as you are writin in C++ then making an iOS version should be straightforward, though you will need a Mac to build, run & test it.
If you are using cocos 2.1.4 you should have a couple of folders in your project directory, one of them being “proj.ios”. If you copy your project onto a Mac then running the project file in there and adding all Classes/Resources to the build process (drag & drop) should be all that is to be done.


For iOS you need a Mac with Xcode and an Apple Developer account.
Whatever you do in your current workspace will also work on the iOS one.


what could be causing the error here?

I’m using this guide [[]]
and I’ve followed every step…

Please see the attached image. Thank you very much.