NEW USERS READ THIS! New User Guidance

NEW USERS READ THIS! New User Guidance


Welcome! Please enjoy yourself.


Hi I am a new user and I need help. I have coded in Javascript and typescript and thought that Cocos is best for me. But…

What should I use cocos2dx or cocos creator ?
Also can I get a short tutorial which cover basic aspect o the creator or cocos2dx, becauyse I can’t understand anything. Your documentation website behave funny, also documentation is not quite clear too. Please help me.

Thanks anyway.


I would use Cocos Creator for any new development.

What behaves funny on the documentation site?


Btw thanks for replying and elevating me to a trusted user. The documentation website does not react immediately, I don’t know if it’s me or the site. But navigation is not seamless.
That being said can I get any tutorial or example to get started, which contains basic required aspect of Cocos. I have tried star catcher, but was interested to know about director, scene navigation and ui. Again thanks.


I have no problems with the docs coming up. Please give me a specific example of your troubles so I can try exactly what you are trying.


I couldn’t understand " I have no problem…". In case of documentation, I was unable to navigate to any page immediately on clicking that page link. It will be stuck for a while and then magically switches to the page that I intended to go to.


I need you to be more specific. I have tried in 3 browsers with no issues.


Hi everybody


Let it be. Maybe it’s wrong from my side. Btw can I get a basic resource to get started with basic aspect of making game in Cocos creator. Like using director for scenes, ui and other things. Making nodes aware of each other… Thanks for taking effort.


If the docs aren’t working for you and you can’t tell me how then me providing you with docs is hard because they won’t work?


It’s fine, just direct me to towards tutorial I will watch on some another device.


We don’t have anything to watch.

Why can’t you tell me what doesn’t work for how and how? Normally folks want things fixed not ignored :slight_smile:


Don’t worry mate. Actually my network was the issue, hence pages were not loading fast. In case of documentation or tutorial is there anything to read. Which can get me started and give me gist of al aspects.


I’m trying to make a post, but I cannot find out how to do that?


You need to read some posts and comment and then you can make your own thread to ask a question. PM me if you need something.


Ah. It wouldn’t let me PM you. I made a reply in this thread:


I see. It’s not related to the thread though :slight_smile:


Sorry - I’ve removed it and created a new thread now.


Hi, I like cocos creator


Hi. I joined the forum so I could post some feedback/first-impressions/questions about Cocos Creator but then I spent 5 minutes trying to figure out why I couldn’t actually start a new thread. I found this post and I’m going to assume that starting a top level thread is something a new user has to “earn” I guess. On some level, I get it - but this is a pretty hostile policy. How is a new user trying to get into this community supposed to ask a question or get help when they’re getting started? Are they supposed to wait until someone else posts something kind of relevant and then chime in with a “sorry to hijack the thread, but…” :confused:

So I guess consider this reply post to be my first feedback for the project. :stuck_out_tongue: